Why buy new? Refurbish for a fraction of the cost!

Why pay manufacturers and retailers for items you already have? Just because your items have lost there new shiny appearance does not mean you have to pay out fortunes to replace them. Many of these articles can be refurbished to “as new” condition or better, for a fraction of the “New Purchase Price”.

Items like lighting, Taps, Showers, Bathroom accessories, Letter boxes, Door knockers, Car and Motorcycle parts, Fire surrounds, Furniture hinges and handles, Costume Jewellery, Signs, Badges etc. etc. Can all be refinished, the list is endless and we are constantly surprised by the articles customers send us.



  • Fraction of the cost of “Replacement”.
  • Sentimental items can be restored to their former glory.
  • Here at Douglas we only carry out “Top Quality Finishing” so in many instances the item will be better than its latest, cheaper made replacement.
  • No new fixings required! Items will mount right back in the same place they came from, no drilling, tiling, plumbing or redecorating required.
  • Retain the original style of your room etc.
  • Change your colour scheme, choose a different finish.
  • Honesty. If on the rare occasion an item is sent to us and on examination and we think it cannot be restored to its full former glory, we will tell you up front and there will be no charges involved.

We have facilities to:

  • Dismantle products
  • Strip & re-polish
  • Re-plate. (Four Shades of Gold, Chrome, Nickel, Satin & Powder Coat)
  • Reassemble
  • Reseal
  • Supply new components. (Where articles are beyond saving)


Douglas have such a huge amount of knowledge about finishing they were able to help me understand everything I needed to know in order for me to get everything done. Thank you for your help....more

Lyndsey Kneel
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