A durable and decorative gold finish.

Widely used for plumbing fittings, sanitary ware, lighting, and many other household items. If you are looking for the quality of go gold but with a practical durability then this is the finish for you.

We have added small traces of other metals like nickel to the gold in order to tone it down and improve the hardness / durability. This has lightened the colour down from our rich “gold” colour to a more widely appreciated 18 carat shade. The colour combined with increased hardness has made this the most popular of all the finishes that we produce.

The vats are laboratory analysed and maintained in order to produce a consistent colour and ensure the hardness factor is kept at an optimum.

Here at Douglas we do not deal in “gold substitutes”, all our gold finishes contain the “real thing” and therefore always enhances the value of any products that pass through our processes.


Douglas have such a huge amount of knowledge about finishing they were able to help me understand everything I needed to know in order for me to get everything done. Thank you for your help....more

Lyndsey Kneel
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