Chromium plating is now applied to so many different types of article that the brilliant bluish white appearance of the metal is familiar to everyone, and description of it is rendered unnecessary. The deposit does not tarnish and requires but occasional washing with soap and water, or wiping with a soft cloth or damp wash leather, to remove any accumulation of dust and dirt from the surface.

The term ‘Bright Chromium Plate’ is used to describe a layer of nickel followed by a final deposit of bright chromium. Direct chromium deposits are not generally used for decorative purposes as to provide a reasonable degree of protection very heavy deposits would be required.

Experience over many years has confirmed that nickel is the most suitable undercoat for decorative deposits because of the ease with which bright chromium may be applied, the white colour and good corrosion resistance of the nickel deposit and the relative simplicity of the nickel plating process. The nickel deposit gives protection to the basis metal, and is itself preserved from surface oxidation by the bright chromium deposit.

The usual thickness of bright chromium deposits is 0.25 to 0.8 microns (0.00001 to 0.00003 in) onto a base coat of a minimum 8 microns of bright nickel.

Please Note:

At Douglas we only carry out decorative chrome plating to the highest quality standards.
We do not carry out hard chrome plating for industrial use.


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